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If you are looking for an editor to give you feedback on your novel, please contact me at l lynda.curnyn@gmail.com for freelance editing fees and services offered. NEW FICTION WRITING COURSE! WRITING POPULAR WOMEN'S FICTION A 6-week writing workshop led by author and editor Lynda Curnyn Ever wonder why books about women’s lives are so eternally popular with readers? That's because female readers make up eighty percent of the fiction market. Chances are, if you're a woman with a story to tell, there's a market for your book. Women’s fiction can be intimate and informal. It can be humorous or heartbreaking. From the entertaining novels of Jennifer Weiner and Emily Giffin, to the thought-provoking stories of Anita Shreve and Jacqueline Mitchard, to the emotionally rich novels of Elizabeth Berg and Anna Quindlen, to tales of classic romance from Nora Roberts and Suzan Elizabeth Phillips, women’s fiction encompasses a range of stories for every stage of a woman's life. Whether she's landing her first job, struggling through the challenges of a middle-aged marriage, finding herself after a divorce or grieving her empty nest, female readers enjoy reading novels that reflect the challenges of having it all--or giving it all up!--in contemporary life. If you’ve got a story to tell to a female audience, this class will help you get it out there. During six sessions, you will learn how to: *Create engaging characters *Structure a page-turning narrative. *Write realistic dialogue *Learn from a former editor and multi-published author just what captures an editor's--and ultimately a reader's--eye! *Discover how to manage your time so you can write the darn thing Meets 6 -9 pm for six weeks beginning Wednesday, May 15th and ending June 19th at the Thompson Conference Center, University of Texas at Austin. For more info on the course, maps or to register, please use the following link: http://cie.austin.utexas.edu/informalclasses/index.php/writing_popular_womens_literature/?num=IC13718


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